Join the BMW Club

The BMW Club Southern Section has over 400 members in the south of England. The benefits of club membership include the monthly BMW Club Journal, and a range of social activities such as overseas trips, club meetings, events, natter nights and ride outs. Being part of the BMW Club gives you access to a wealth of experience, technical advice and good friends to ride with.

This is the perfect way to extend the riding and owning pleasure of your BMW motorcycle. You will also be a full member of the national BMW club and entitled to attend events throughout the BMW club, you are also a member of the BMW!

BMW Club membership is attractively priced for just £27 per year for a main member and £2 for an associate member (intended for partners and family members, as there is no extra copy of the BMW Club Journal). 

We look forward very much to welcoming you to the BMW Club. 

Bob Denman, Membership Secretary, The BMW Club Southern Section

The BMW Club Membership Benefits

Club Social Events 
(Natter Nights, BBQ, Bring & Buy, Dinners)

Monthly Club Ride-Outs

Overseas Trips

BMW Technical Help and Advice
(Members, BMW Club Forum & Journal)   

National BMW Club Rallies and Events

BMW Club Monthly Journal
 Associated Membership of the BMF