Segway Event

posted 5 Mar 2016, 13:49 by Section Webmaster   [ updated 5 Mar 2016, 14:16 ]
The Segway event will take place on 24th July in Dorset and will last 2-3 hours. Start time still to be announced. The cost is £30 per head, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 40 participants. The session starts with a safety briefing, introduction to the Segway and then a personal practice for every participant. The group will then be put into teams for Segway relay racing: In the pit stop the team have to help the rider put on a helmet, high-vis tabard, knee/elbow pads and gloves. The rider then whizzes around the grand prix style course avoiding hitting or knocking any cones and then back into the pit stop to change riders. This is all against the clock and there are time penalties for every cone hit! Greg Smith ( will need names, and probably a deposit, by the end of April.