Southern Section News May 2016

posted 7 Apr 2016, 15:22 by Section Webmaster

You know how you feel when you suddenly realise the date you have chosen for an event clashes.  Members were telling us, sorry, but we can’t come to the March winter talk, it is the same day as Mother’s Day.  Whoops!  Anyway, I am pleased to report that we did have 26 people attending, even though some were late due to an accident off the A3.  Pete Burch came to tell us how the Air Ambulance staff had saved his life.  He had a very serious accident, when a vehicle pulled across his path whilst he was riding a friend’s motorbike. He was thrown off the bike and landed in the opposite carriageway and then run over by another car.  He spent time in hospital and is still having treatment and operations and has no use of his left arm.  He now has an adapted bike, recently delivered, which he had just done a short ride on!!  Due to all the help he was given, he now supports the Air Ambulance when he gives these talks.  With all the photos and Pete’s narrative, we had a very interesting afternoon.  The Section gave a donation of £100.00 for the Air Ambulance and I believe some members made personal donations.  Things are beginning to hot up now as there were 30 people at Nick and Sarah’s for the soup run.  Erica sent me the following report.  ‘What an amazing turnout for the first official ride-out of the year, and thanks to Nick and Sarah for hosting the soup run.  This was in spite of being in the midst of packing for their big move and heading off to Gatwick that same evening for a well-deserved holiday in Vienna.  Some of us, including new member Alan Cuthell, met at 10.00hrs at Bahnstormer, with Greg and Eve leading the ride down to the New Forest and Erica being tail-ender.  There were fourteen bikes in total and it was a lovely trip down.  A number of people made their way straight to Nick and Sarah’s, making a total of 30 (yes thirty!) of us partaking of home cooked soup, home baked bread and cakes and copious cups of tea and coffee.  Thanks to Helen and James for organising the bottle of wine and chocolate eggs that we presented to Nick and Sarah (for being ‘good eggs’!) and to Eve for arranging the card for us all to sign.  We will certainly miss Nick and Sarah’s hospitality when they move to Leicestershire’. 

Chippy has sent me the following report.  ‘On Sunday 3rd April, 15 club members turned up in Tidworth to attend the Airhead Mechanics day that was organised by Richard Evans.  We were blessed with fine weather and lots of bikes to look at, talk about and even a couple to fix.  Richard briefed the masses before the day started promptly at 10.00hrs.  Richard displayed his R80GS and demonstrated servicing, carb setting up and anything else that was asked of him.  Bob Denman brought along an old R series frame to demonstrate head bearing removal, but this proved fruitless as it had been in his garden for 20 years and seized solid.  Mike Delacoe brought along some tools for hire and some manuals to browse through.  Fred Lee arrived having had to bump start his R100RS and after consulting the manuals and some investigations, it was found to have a faulty starter relay.  Electric  schematics browsed showed that with a bit of solder it could be remedied enough to allow Fred to return to Yorkshire.  A trip to Halfords and Maplins  did not locate the necessary relay, but did result in fresh solder to replace the rubbish stuff in Chippy’s garage.  Fred was able to ride off into the sunset at the end of the day.  Torsten Gandvik brought along some ‘Black Museum’ items to display, these showing all sorts of sheared off teeth and broken splines.  Cliff Battley brought along an R80RT monoshock which he discovered had a problem with the clutch.  After stripping down, the general consensus was that there was a piece missing and it was refitted to be taken away and compared to another clutch on a similar bike.  Everybody stopped for lunch at 13.00hrs and came inside to a superb buffet supplied by the catering department, aka Trish Bond and Leslie Carpenter.  Throughout the day there was a supply of brews and some very tasty cake made by Trish.    It proved to be a very informative day and lots of knowledge passed on before everyone departed at 16.30hrs.  At the time of writing, Richard has already received a few e-mails from attendees stating how much they enjoyed the day. We think this should continue throughout the year and possibly be hosted by other sections.  We have so many knowledgeable members, it seems a shame to waste their experience.  Keep a look out at the Airhead Section on the forum’.  All I can say to that is, thank you Chippy for offering the premises for us to hold this event, thanks to Richard for organising everything and as the event would not have run without food, three cheers for Trish and Lesley and their catering efforts.

If you receive this before the end of April, Bob and Susan Melville are proposing to arrange a ride-out from Cranleigh to the first Goodwood Breakfast Club meet of the year.  The run assembly point is the Little Manor Services at Cranleigh, GU6 8AE departing at 08.00hrs.  There is a BMW Bike Day at the Ace Café on Sunday 15th May.  On 22nd May we have a run in the diary, but as yet no further details.  Keep an eye on the Website for more details or look out for an update from Erica.   Happy biking.