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by Gerri Chandler

Looking back to March, there were two events, the breakfast meet at Redhill Aerodrome and Gail’s walk.  I have not heard if anyone went to Redhill, and I was not able to get there as the bike refused to start.  I had a prior engagement so could not go on the walk, but Gail has sent me the following write up.  ‘6 brave souls turned up for a very windy and slightly wet stroll along the Wayfarer’s Walk to Hambledon village.  We all enjoyed a very tasty pub lunch, washed down with Real Ale and coffee, while sitting beside a lovely log fire.  Unfortunately the normal superb views from the top of the Downs were covered in gloom.  Everyone said they enjoyed the walk and it certainly blew away the cobwebs, even though it was not a Good Hair Day!’  Gail thanked all who joined her walk, and our thanks to Gail for organising this event.

We have had good attendances at the Seven Stars over the last month, with an average of 17 members over the course of each evening.  There has been a lot of chatter, laughter and kicking tyres, also members helping others with their bike problems.  If you have not managed to get to a natter night yet, please give it a try sometime.  Don’t forget to introduce yourself when you arrive so we can welcome you. 

Now we hopefully are going to get some better weather here are details of the runs and events we have organised for the next few months.


There are 2 camping events over the first Bank Holiday weekend.  The 3 sections at Sixpenny Handley and the Paignton Bike Festival.  On the 8th to 10th is the fully booked Dart Hotel weekend and on the 10th the BMW Ace café day.  Another camping weekend 29th to 31st is at the Country Inn at Midhurst (not BMW).  Nigel Page is co-ordinating this event.  This same weekend and we are also invited to join Oxford section at Lechlade.

A quick look forward to June, and Peter Dunn is doing a run on 7th.  The Vintage Register Welsh Rally is 11th to 14th.  The 21st is the ever popular Chichester College Bike Show and lastly, Paul Bateman is organising a run on 28th.

Now, we are still looking for volunteers to help at the National Rally in August.  Members have already started to book places and we are hoping for a great weekend.  This will only happen if everyone joins in to make it the best National ever.  Please contact Chippy for details of the help that is needed or if you have any ideas we can use for the weekend.  Southern Section really want to make this the best National ever.  Chippy’s email is

As usual, all our latest information is available on the website or via the monthly update email that Erica sends out.  If you are not getting these and want to go on the list, please let her know on the address at the end of this news.

My bike is now fixed, so I hope to be getting out and about and meeting up with some of you on runs and events

Section Webmaster,
25 Apr 2015, 13:48