Southern Section News July 2016

posted 6 Jun 2016, 10:35 by Section Webmaster   [ updated 6 Jun 2016, 10:41 ]

There was not too much happening in May for our section, but we did have a contingent at the Ace Café BMW day in the middle of the month.  Godfrey was there and gave me the following report.  ‘The Ace Café BMW theme day was well attended by all sorts of the German Bike Makers, ranging from the ‘classic’ era right through to the present time.  A lot of the bikes were really ‘twinkling’, but there were also a few, shall we say looking somewhat ‘used’!  The Southern Section was well represented.  Noel and Ann had trekked up from darkest Swindon, but the most impressive attendee was Anton, who, although not very well at all, had managed to come up from his home in Hampshire.  This proves the power that motorcycling has on people.  We managed to hand out a few membership forms, but probably the best visitor we had walked up to the stall and said ‘I want to join the club’.  Bob obliged with a membership form to complete and on asking the guy where he lived to determine the best section to join, the reply was ‘Texas’!!!  It was a good job we were sitting down!’  Thank you Godfrey and to the others who went to the Ace to try to enrol new members.

Our only other run was led by Terry and he had arranged to go to the Mechanical Music Museum in Northleach.  I don’t know whether it was the weather report suggesting downpours or that a lie in was needed, but there were only 3 members and Terry at Jack’s for the run.  Erica and I decided we needed a bacon roll and tea before departure, and we were glad we did as the run took nearly three hours.  We had a great ride through the countryside using the buddy system.  Bob had details of the route and brought up the rear, so we all arrived safely in the Cotswolds at 13.00hrs.  We parked up the bikes, and just as we entered the pub the rain started.  Erica only had time for a coffee as she had to return to meet up with her brother who was over here from the States.  The 3 of us had a lovely lunch, and followed this with a quick walk round the corner to the museum.  It was a really quaint, unusual place, full of all types of self-playing musical instruments.  These included music boxes, gramophones and pianos where the music disc was set and the keys operated without anyone playing.  Terry and Bob were both like kids trying to work put how it all worked.  Thanks Terry, a great run and a really interesting museum.

July.  The Archery day is on Saturday 9th at 14.00hrs.  Please book with Erica.  Trish is running her infamous Cream Tea run on 10th July.  Meet at Newlands Corner at 11.00hrs for and 11.30 departure.  This will be a gentle run through the countryside to an interesting stop where you will be able to indulge in a cream tea or any other edible delight.  Wednesday 13th sees us at Jack’s in Bagshot for fish and chip supper.  Teatime or whenever you can get there after work!  We were due to have a BBQ in the New Forest on 16th July, but now that Nick and Sarah have relocated, this has been postponed.  We are looking at different locations and different dates.  Erica will email members to let them know how we get on.  We have the Greg Smith’s Segway day on 24th July.  This is a pre-booked event, so best wishes to all attendees. 

August.  We have our annual trip down to Poole Quay for fish and chips on 9th August.  Because there are lots of bikes down there for the evening, suggest you get there early or you will be in the overflow carpark.   The 21st is the Bournemouth Air Festival and Erica is leading a ride-out.  More details to follow.  Of course, you can’t miss the BMW club National which this year is being held in Llandovery College over the August Bank Holiday weekend.  All details and booking form for this are in your journal. 


Now is the time to join in and have fun with your club.