posted 16 Jul 2015, 14:19 by Section Webmaster

There is a real contrast with the news this month compared with The July journal. Last month I had so much to tell you about, this month is the total opposite.  I am not sure if members don’t want to go on organised runs, but we had two set up for June and to say the attendance was low is an understatement.  Peter Dunn’s 3 Counties run at the beginning of the month sounded really interesting, but only two people joined him, and one of these was from Oxford Section.  Following this, Erica put out emails and invitations on Facebook to see if we could get a better attendance for Paul Bateman’s run to Kent at the end of the month.  Well, we didn’t!! It was so bad that Paul cancelled the run because nobody showed any interest.  I know how much time and commitment has to be put in to organise a run, and it is such a pity that the member doing all the hard work has to face the disappointment of members not turning up to appreciate  all his work.  I would not be at all surprised if either of these people decided not to bother again.  I do know there are other things happening in life for everyone, but a couple of years ago we would have lots of members on these runs.  What has changed?  Please let us know, are we trying to organising things you don’t want to do?  What do you want?

Well, that is my rant over.  Now looking forward to the next few months.


If you have been reading Jim’s Social Scene, you will know he has been advertising the invitation from The BMW Car Club to join them at the Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon, and I believe he already had some people interested in attending.  Unfortunately, the Car Club want to charge entry for the members setting up our stand, so we will not be attending as a Club.  Obviously you are still able to go along and pay to get in.  Nick Tucker is organising a run from Bahnstormer at 10.00 on 9th August.  If you are on Facebook, and I know a lot of our Section members do check it out, please add you name to Erica’s invitation.  Alternatively, give Nick a ring for more details or to register your interest, on 07775702265.  Now if you reading this journal, and suddenly realise that the National is only a few weeks away and you have not booked yet, what are you waiting for?  Come and join us at Sparsholt College for the best National ever!


We will be having our long rest in September, after all the work at National, and hopefully patting ourselves on the back.  The only event is Dave’s Forge Day on 13th.  Give Dave a ring to find out what is involved and put you name down, 01428 684902, or join via the Facebook invitation.


On 3rd, there is the non-BMW club event, Ride to The Wall.  On the 11th, we are hoping to have a Segway event, as it was popular last year, but, due to the preparations for the National, this may get put on the backburner.  I will hopefully be able to update you with more details next month.  On 18th, we have the Section AGM, at Rake Village hall at 10.30hrs for a prompt 11.00 start.  There will be tea, coffee and a buffet, and once the serious business is taken care of, lots of chatting.  Come along and help to contribute to your club. 

That is all for now folks, take care out there.