Section AGM on 28th October, 2012

posted 4 Nov 2012, 09:53 by Section Webmaster

The section had its AGM on the 28th October and we had a good turnout of 50 people.  It was a good meeting with a lot of member input.   There were quite a few changes on the committee, as some of our long standing committee members stood down this year.   John Mann, John Chandler and Noel (the weather will be good) Robertson all stood down from the positions they have held for a number of years.  John Mann has been our treasurer and National Committee rep for many years, and John Chandler has been renewing your memberships, again for quite a few years.  Noel was conscripted by Trish and Gerri, (he reckons we didn’t give him a chance to say no), and he has been ably sorting out the social calendar for the last couple of years.  We owe a big ‘Thank You’ to them all for helping to keep our section running smoothly.  Trish stood down as a committee member, but will still be helping out.  This is the line-up of the current committee.  Terry Hartshorn is the new Social Secretary, with Gerri as Assistant.  Erica has kept the position of Webmaster and has also taken over the job of Treasurer.  Bob Denman is the new Membership Secretary and Jim Bettley has volunteered to be the National Committee Rep.  Godfrey Potter and Rosanna have joined the committee. After the official bit and the voting, lunch was served and was well received by the attendees.  We presented the Doug Dudley Cup to Dave Williamson and the Colin’s Young Lady Award to Trish Bond.  

For anyone who was not able to attend the meeting, if you want to volunteer to organise a run or event, please contact Terry on   Our calendar is filling up, but there are still spaces to be filled.