Dave Walker's Funeral

posted 28 May 2012, 15:15 by Section Webmaster
I am very pleased to report that we had an excellent turnout for Dave's funeral. Most of us met at Loomies (which was unfortunately closed, although luckily there was a burger van across the road). We picked up a few more BMW Club members at the Colden Common community centre, and then rode to the house to follow the funeral procession. Dave's son Chris followed the hearse on Dave's bike, and 22 motorbikes formed a cortege behind him to the Wessex Vale crematorium. It was a spectacular sight and showed how popular Dave was. They also ran out of seats at the crematorium and at least 10-15 people had to stand. A lovely humanist ceremony followed, with Paul, a long standing friend of Dave's, and Bob Denman regaling everyone with their memories of him. Both Dave's son, Chris, and Anne read poetry and we all sang along to the Beatles 'Let it Be'. Dave and Anne's favourite music was also played (I don't know the name of the track, but it is used in the BA advert). Champagne and finger food followed at The Old Forge in Otterbourne and we sat out in the sunshine until 4 p.m.

Dave, you will be sorely missed.