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Southern Section News August 2016

posted 7 Jul 2016, 13:09 by Section Webmaster

We had a brilliant weekend in Abergavenny.  This was very well attended and almost fully booked within days of the original details being forwarded by Erica.  As usual Dave and Myf Williamson did us proud, with a great hotel, good food and, John says, good Ale.  I didn’t go on the run, but I have included a write up from Bob Melvin.  ‘Fear could have easily spread across Abergavenny on Saturday 11th June as it must have looked like some sort of chemical incident as a rider emerged from his hotel room clad in an all-enveloping fluorescent yellow suit.  But no, it was just Bob Melvin in a lightweight rain suit worn in response to the prevailing wet conditions.  The approach to the hotel the previous afternoon, with its views of the sweeping moorland hills in the near distance, had given us a foretaste of the delights to come.  However, by the morning the weather had started to match the drama of the landscape.  Having assembled in the car park of the Plas Derwen Hotel, we left in a convoy of 11 bikes, following the leaders, Dave and Myf.  The initial pace was fairly brisk but well-ordered and our route along a short stretch of dual carriageway soon gave way to the sort of country roads that would be equally at home in our native Surrey Hills.  The road surfaces were somewhat better paved than the over-used Surrey tarmac, offering better grip, even with the prevailing conditions.  Riding with good, competent riders makes this sort of outing so much more fun.  By the time we reached Hay on Wye for our coffee stop, the clouds had lifted to reveal more of the beautiful scenery.  I took the opportunity to disrobe, removing the ‘chemical suit’ to find that with internal condensation, the suit was actually wetter inside as out.  This was a new acquisition and the first thing learned was that it ain’t Gortex and it doesn’t breathe.  Coffee over and suit stowed, we set forth again, skirting the northern edge of the Brecon Beacons, covering a significant distance on minor roads.  There were no hesitations for route reviews and each junction was navigated decisively, making the ride through to Crossgates very consistent and relaxing.  After a brief lunch stop Dave and Myf lead off again on their GS, this time deeper into the Brecon Beacons National Park.  Every road seemed to offer more sweeping bends than the last stretch, ascending and descending through the countryside, together with more varied landscapes, from tree canopied lanes to the open desolation of the hill-top moorlands marked with red military warning flags advising of live firing.  The weather varied with the landscape, ranging from bright sunshine to pouring rain.  We finally arrived back at the hotel after an amazing ride.  Dave and Myf had put a lot of planning to make this a superb days outing covering 130 miles of some of the finest countryside South Wales has to offer.   One lesson learned was that I need an on-board camera to capture some of the views.’

Many thanks to Dave and Myf for organising this weekend and also thanks to Bob for his ride out write up.

We thought we would try something different and advertised the Real Ale Train for 18th June.  Although a few of us bought tickets during the year and really enjoyed the evening, obviously this event did not appeal to the members generally.  Although only Erica, Neil, John and Gerri decided to go we had a lovely time, followed by a B & B chez Erica.  There was a slightly better turnout at Mother Kelly’s on 22nd, where 14 of us enjoyed a get together and a nice fish and chip supper.  As you probably all know, the camping weekend at The Barge was a bit of a problem.  Even though we had asked numerous times and been told we did not need to book, we were told the weekend before that they were fully booked.  Bob took on the job of ringing round for an alternative camp site, and it was decided that we would go the Sixpenny Handley as they had space.  Fewer attended than were expected to go to The Barge, possibly due to the last minute problems, but those who did attend had a great time.  Erica sent me the following report. ‘I had a lovely ride to Sixpenny Handley and arrived to find a motorhome, and event shelter and one tent, but no-one around.  I managed to put my tent up in the dry and, by the time I had finished, Bob Denman and Nev Jones returned bearing gifts from their trip to the brewery.  John Moore arrived and, to assist the process of putting up the tent, a bottle of champagne was opened.  Unfortunately Helen and James arrived slightly too late, which meant more for us!  It appears the change of venue and perhaps the weather forecast put people off attending this weekend, which was a shame, as we had a fair bit of sunshine.  John Moor led a ride on the Saturday, allegedly on a circuitous route intended to finish at the Royal Signals Museum.  In spite of there being only six riders, we managed to lose everyone on the way (so much for the buddy system!).  However, three of us managed to find our way to the museum, which was excellent, whilst Helen, James and John managed to find a café with the best cream tea in the area.  Gail turned up on the Saturday and, after a lovely meal at the campsite restaurant, we had a great evening sheltering from the rain in the GS Register’s event shelter and participating in Nev’s quiz (lots of questions about motorbikes, surprisingly!)’

August sees our regular visit to Poole Quay for fish and chips on 9th.  On the 21st, Erica is leading a run to Bournemouth Air Festival.  This is, of course, followed by The National over the Bank Holiday weekend.  September, and we have our week to the Dordogne 3rd to 10th.  On the 18th we have a run booked in the diary, but at the moment it is a mystery, we don’t know who is leading this or where it is going.  Hopefully by next month I can give you more details.  Alternatively, check out the website on

That’s all for now folks.  Just to say get out there and enjoy summer when it finally arrives.



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Southern Section News July 2016

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There was not too much happening in May for our section, but we did have a contingent at the Ace Café BMW day in the middle of the month.  Godfrey was there and gave me the following report.  ‘The Ace Café BMW theme day was well attended by all sorts of the German Bike Makers, ranging from the ‘classic’ era right through to the present time.  A lot of the bikes were really ‘twinkling’, but there were also a few, shall we say looking somewhat ‘used’!  The Southern Section was well represented.  Noel and Ann had trekked up from darkest Swindon, but the most impressive attendee was Anton, who, although not very well at all, had managed to come up from his home in Hampshire.  This proves the power that motorcycling has on people.  We managed to hand out a few membership forms, but probably the best visitor we had walked up to the stall and said ‘I want to join the club’.  Bob obliged with a membership form to complete and on asking the guy where he lived to determine the best section to join, the reply was ‘Texas’!!!  It was a good job we were sitting down!’  Thank you Godfrey and to the others who went to the Ace to try to enrol new members.

Our only other run was led by Terry and he had arranged to go to the Mechanical Music Museum in Northleach.  I don’t know whether it was the weather report suggesting downpours or that a lie in was needed, but there were only 3 members and Terry at Jack’s for the run.  Erica and I decided we needed a bacon roll and tea before departure, and we were glad we did as the run took nearly three hours.  We had a great ride through the countryside using the buddy system.  Bob had details of the route and brought up the rear, so we all arrived safely in the Cotswolds at 13.00hrs.  We parked up the bikes, and just as we entered the pub the rain started.  Erica only had time for a coffee as she had to return to meet up with her brother who was over here from the States.  The 3 of us had a lovely lunch, and followed this with a quick walk round the corner to the museum.  It was a really quaint, unusual place, full of all types of self-playing musical instruments.  These included music boxes, gramophones and pianos where the music disc was set and the keys operated without anyone playing.  Terry and Bob were both like kids trying to work put how it all worked.  Thanks Terry, a great run and a really interesting museum.

July.  The Archery day is on Saturday 9th at 14.00hrs.  Please book with Erica.  Trish is running her infamous Cream Tea run on 10th July.  Meet at Newlands Corner at 11.00hrs for and 11.30 departure.  This will be a gentle run through the countryside to an interesting stop where you will be able to indulge in a cream tea or any other edible delight.  Wednesday 13th sees us at Jack’s in Bagshot for fish and chip supper.  Teatime or whenever you can get there after work!  We were due to have a BBQ in the New Forest on 16th July, but now that Nick and Sarah have relocated, this has been postponed.  We are looking at different locations and different dates.  Erica will email members to let them know how we get on.  We have the Greg Smith’s Segway day on 24th July.  This is a pre-booked event, so best wishes to all attendees. 

August.  We have our annual trip down to Poole Quay for fish and chips on 9th August.  Because there are lots of bikes down there for the evening, suggest you get there early or you will be in the overflow carpark.   The 21st is the Bournemouth Air Festival and Erica is leading a ride-out.  More details to follow.  Of course, you can’t miss the BMW club National which this year is being held in Llandovery College over the August Bank Holiday weekend.  All details and booking form for this are in your journal. 


Now is the time to join in and have fun with your club.

Southern Section News May 2016

posted 7 Apr 2016, 15:22 by Section Webmaster

You know how you feel when you suddenly realise the date you have chosen for an event clashes.  Members were telling us, sorry, but we can’t come to the March winter talk, it is the same day as Mother’s Day.  Whoops!  Anyway, I am pleased to report that we did have 26 people attending, even though some were late due to an accident off the A3.  Pete Burch came to tell us how the Air Ambulance staff had saved his life.  He had a very serious accident, when a vehicle pulled across his path whilst he was riding a friend’s motorbike. He was thrown off the bike and landed in the opposite carriageway and then run over by another car.  He spent time in hospital and is still having treatment and operations and has no use of his left arm.  He now has an adapted bike, recently delivered, which he had just done a short ride on!!  Due to all the help he was given, he now supports the Air Ambulance when he gives these talks.  With all the photos and Pete’s narrative, we had a very interesting afternoon.  The Section gave a donation of £100.00 for the Air Ambulance and I believe some members made personal donations.  Things are beginning to hot up now as there were 30 people at Nick and Sarah’s for the soup run.  Erica sent me the following report.  ‘What an amazing turnout for the first official ride-out of the year, and thanks to Nick and Sarah for hosting the soup run.  This was in spite of being in the midst of packing for their big move and heading off to Gatwick that same evening for a well-deserved holiday in Vienna.  Some of us, including new member Alan Cuthell, met at 10.00hrs at Bahnstormer, with Greg and Eve leading the ride down to the New Forest and Erica being tail-ender.  There were fourteen bikes in total and it was a lovely trip down.  A number of people made their way straight to Nick and Sarah’s, making a total of 30 (yes thirty!) of us partaking of home cooked soup, home baked bread and cakes and copious cups of tea and coffee.  Thanks to Helen and James for organising the bottle of wine and chocolate eggs that we presented to Nick and Sarah (for being ‘good eggs’!) and to Eve for arranging the card for us all to sign.  We will certainly miss Nick and Sarah’s hospitality when they move to Leicestershire’. 

Chippy has sent me the following report.  ‘On Sunday 3rd April, 15 club members turned up in Tidworth to attend the Airhead Mechanics day that was organised by Richard Evans.  We were blessed with fine weather and lots of bikes to look at, talk about and even a couple to fix.  Richard briefed the masses before the day started promptly at 10.00hrs.  Richard displayed his R80GS and demonstrated servicing, carb setting up and anything else that was asked of him.  Bob Denman brought along an old R series frame to demonstrate head bearing removal, but this proved fruitless as it had been in his garden for 20 years and seized solid.  Mike Delacoe brought along some tools for hire and some manuals to browse through.  Fred Lee arrived having had to bump start his R100RS and after consulting the manuals and some investigations, it was found to have a faulty starter relay.  Electric  schematics browsed showed that with a bit of solder it could be remedied enough to allow Fred to return to Yorkshire.  A trip to Halfords and Maplins  did not locate the necessary relay, but did result in fresh solder to replace the rubbish stuff in Chippy’s garage.  Fred was able to ride off into the sunset at the end of the day.  Torsten Gandvik brought along some ‘Black Museum’ items to display, these showing all sorts of sheared off teeth and broken splines.  Cliff Battley brought along an R80RT monoshock which he discovered had a problem with the clutch.  After stripping down, the general consensus was that there was a piece missing and it was refitted to be taken away and compared to another clutch on a similar bike.  Everybody stopped for lunch at 13.00hrs and came inside to a superb buffet supplied by the catering department, aka Trish Bond and Leslie Carpenter.  Throughout the day there was a supply of brews and some very tasty cake made by Trish.    It proved to be a very informative day and lots of knowledge passed on before everyone departed at 16.30hrs.  At the time of writing, Richard has already received a few e-mails from attendees stating how much they enjoyed the day. We think this should continue throughout the year and possibly be hosted by other sections.  We have so many knowledgeable members, it seems a shame to waste their experience.  Keep a look out at the Airhead Section on the forum’.  All I can say to that is, thank you Chippy for offering the premises for us to hold this event, thanks to Richard for organising everything and as the event would not have run without food, three cheers for Trish and Lesley and their catering efforts.

If you receive this before the end of April, Bob and Susan Melville are proposing to arrange a ride-out from Cranleigh to the first Goodwood Breakfast Club meet of the year.  The run assembly point is the Little Manor Services at Cranleigh, GU6 8AE departing at 08.00hrs.  There is a BMW Bike Day at the Ace Café on Sunday 15th May.  On 22nd May we have a run in the diary, but as yet no further details.  Keep an eye on the Website for more details or look out for an update from Erica.   Happy biking.


posted 12 Feb 2016, 15:07 by Section Webmaster

In January, we decided to have a change, and instead of having a winter talk, we organised a Bring and Buy.  There was a very good attendance and quite a few members went home having bought the item of their dreams, and a few went home with heavier pockets.  It seemed quite a popular event, giving everyone some extra time for socialising.  Thanks to John Kent for his sterling work in the kitchen.  At the end of January, we had a skittles match at The Milbury’s, kindly arranged for us by Eve and Greg Smith.  I have not had an official report, but I understand it was well supported and the members I spoke to enjoyed the event.

Now with details for the next couple of months.  We are still hoping to have a winter talk at Rake Village Hall on 6th March, but are struggling to find a speaker.  We have had a few leads via some of our members, but it seems difficult to get volunteers to come out to us at a weekend.  We are still working on this, so will hopefully have some news in the journal next month.  Obviously, the details will be on the website as soon as we have some information for you.  Don’t forget Gail’s winter walk on 13th March.  Hopefully the weather will be kind.  We have a soup run on 20th March being organised by Nick Tucker.  If you are an early riser, then there is a 09.00 breakfast meet at the Café at Redhill Aerodrome.  For those members who like to tinker with their bikes, there is an Airheads Mechanics Day on Sunday 3rd April, 09.00hrs to 16.00hrs, at Perham Down Community Centre.  There is a charge of £15.00 which includes tea, coffee, cakes etc, and a local take-away lunch.  There is limited availability, so to book please contact Richard Evans or Trish Bond to book on 01372 378196, or

Hopefully you have all had a chance to look at the calendar of events which came with your journal, and picked out some of the runs and events that interest you.  More details are on the website, so keep an eye on that, especially for additions and last minute changes.  I know there are quite a few of our members who ride all year round, but for the rest of us, spring is nearly here, so lets’ get out and about.


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posted 17 Oct 2015, 11:41 by Section Webmaster   [ updated 17 Oct 2015, 11:41 ]

Please note that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to change the venue of our AGM on Sunday, 18th October to Liss Village Hall, Hill Brow Rd, Liss, Hampshire GU33 7LA. All other details as per the calendar. Bob Denman will be standing by at Rake Village Hall to send people to Liss, but please pass this message on.

As usual, we will be planning the social events calendar for next year. Please have a think about what you would like to see included and any new ideas for rideouts, destinations, etc.


posted 7 Oct 2015, 15:27 by Section Webmaster

Hi everyone, 

I think Southern Section have gone into hibernation following all our work for the National as I have only got one section event to tell you about.  I know Dave Wright has done his Forge open day for a few years running now, but this year seemed just as popular.  On 13th September, thirteen people made their way down to Chiddingfold, many with a picture of the item they wanted to make.  I know that Chippy was making a wellie boot holder on Lesley’s instruction!  Nigel kindly brought along his BBQ and supplied everyone with sausages and burgers.  Thanks go to Dave for giving up his Sunday to entertain us, and thanks to Nigel for the cooking.  Although not a BMW event, Erica has sent me the following report.  ‘Ride to the Wall sees motorcyclists from all around the UK and Europe (mainly from Belgium) come together to remember the names engraved on the walls of the Armed Forces Memorial.  Well, it was a bit of an early start, but well worth it.  I met Dean Carpenter (Chippy) at Chieveley Services and we travelled on together to Cherwell Valley Services, where we met up with Godfrey and Chris Potter and Chris Tite and hundreds of other bikers.  After a well deserved bacon butty, we left for the long ride up to the National Memorial Arboretum, arriving at 11am together with 7,100 other bikes for the events of the day.  There was a performance by the Royal Signals White Helmets music from the Band of the Rifles and a flypast by both a Tiger Moth and a Dakota.  After a very moving service and tea and cake (for me), we all made our way home.  Thanks to Chippy for organising this and we hope to include this in next year’s diary of events.’

Hopefully we will have had a good AGM, and lots of members will have come up with ideas for runs and events for next year.  For anyone who didn’t attend, I will give further details next month.  Well, sorry, but nothing else to say, except for those of us who are fair weather riders, there may still be some decent days to get the wheels rolling, and for the people who ride all year, hope you don’t need your waterproofs too often!  Look forward to seeing some of you at the Christmas dinner on 5th December.

Gerri Chandler


posted 16 Jul 2015, 14:19 by Section Webmaster

There is a real contrast with the news this month compared with The July journal. Last month I had so much to tell you about, this month is the total opposite.  I am not sure if members don’t want to go on organised runs, but we had two set up for June and to say the attendance was low is an understatement.  Peter Dunn’s 3 Counties run at the beginning of the month sounded really interesting, but only two people joined him, and one of these was from Oxford Section.  Following this, Erica put out emails and invitations on Facebook to see if we could get a better attendance for Paul Bateman’s run to Kent at the end of the month.  Well, we didn’t!! It was so bad that Paul cancelled the run because nobody showed any interest.  I know how much time and commitment has to be put in to organise a run, and it is such a pity that the member doing all the hard work has to face the disappointment of members not turning up to appreciate  all his work.  I would not be at all surprised if either of these people decided not to bother again.  I do know there are other things happening in life for everyone, but a couple of years ago we would have lots of members on these runs.  What has changed?  Please let us know, are we trying to organising things you don’t want to do?  What do you want?

Well, that is my rant over.  Now looking forward to the next few months.


If you have been reading Jim’s Social Scene, you will know he has been advertising the invitation from The BMW Car Club to join them at the Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon, and I believe he already had some people interested in attending.  Unfortunately, the Car Club want to charge entry for the members setting up our stand, so we will not be attending as a Club.  Obviously you are still able to go along and pay to get in.  Nick Tucker is organising a run from Bahnstormer at 10.00 on 9th August.  If you are on Facebook, and I know a lot of our Section members do check it out, please add you name to Erica’s invitation.  Alternatively, give Nick a ring for more details or to register your interest, on 07775702265.  Now if you reading this journal, and suddenly realise that the National is only a few weeks away and you have not booked yet, what are you waiting for?  Come and join us at Sparsholt College for the best National ever!


We will be having our long rest in September, after all the work at National, and hopefully patting ourselves on the back.  The only event is Dave’s Forge Day on 13th.  Give Dave a ring to find out what is involved and put you name down, 01428 684902, or join via the Facebook invitation.


On 3rd, there is the non-BMW club event, Ride to The Wall.  On the 11th, we are hoping to have a Segway event, as it was popular last year, but, due to the preparations for the National, this may get put on the backburner.  I will hopefully be able to update you with more details next month.  On 18th, we have the Section AGM, at Rake Village hall at 10.30hrs for a prompt 11.00 start.  There will be tea, coffee and a buffet, and once the serious business is taken care of, lots of chatting.  Come along and help to contribute to your club. 

That is all for now folks, take care out there.




posted 24 Jun 2015, 15:42 by Section Webmaster

There were quite a few events in May, so lots to tell you about.  I understand the three section camping weekend at Sixpenny Handley was good as usual, even though a bit cold and wet on the Saturday night.   I wasn’t able to attend, but from information I have gleaned, I think there were 4 members from Southern Section at the event.  The following weekend, 12 of us went to The East Dart Hotel in Dartmoor for a great couple of days.  Five bikes with 9 people met up on route, and we met the other 3 attendees at the hotel.  The ride down for us was lovely, with a nice stop for lunch at on the way. We just had a bit of rain the last hour of riding, but with the lovely hot drying room at the hotel, our gear was soon ready to wear again.  Erica came across from Plymouth, and also got a bit wet on her journey.  We were given a lovely welcome by Paul and Rosie, the hotel owners, and their hospitality during our stay was second to none, comfortable rooms, good food and real ale on tap, all the makings of a good weekend.  On Saturday the bikes were mounted and moved from the undercover parking to assemble at the front of the hotel.  We had an enjoyable ride to Looe in the sunshine (yes, the sun decided to show itself).  We had an enjoyable three hours wondering around Looe, helping the local economy by sampling the Cornish Pasties and Cream Teas, and dodging the seagulls.  On arrival back at the hotel some of us went for a walk by the 13th century Clapper Bridge along the East Dart River, and popped in to the visitor centre.  Sunday morning, and we said goodbye to two couples who were visiting family, and 8 of us enjoyed the ride home.  We stopped at The Coach and Horses in Winterbourne Abbas, where, in Southern Section tradition, we enjoyed a lovely Sunday lunch.  We all said our goodbyes and made our way home.  Thanks to Mike Cross for organising this weekend.  It was the first one he has done for our Section, and hopefully will not be the last.  On the Sunday we were coming home, some of our other members were heading to The Ace Café for the BMW day.  Chris said it was busy as usual.  They did not manage to sign up any news members, but three, although not our section, were going to join when they got home.  Dean sent me a write up on the Ride of Respect on 17th May.

‘Thirteen members attended the Ride of Respect.  Fortunately, for me, only 9 of the section members and not the thousands attending the event accepted the offer of starting from my house with a bacon butty and a brew to help us through the day.  Leaving Tidworth at 09.30hrs we rode up to The Pit Stop, just off the M4 to meet the other 4 members before heading off to Hullavington Airfield for our arrival slot at 11.00hrs.  Once congregated on the airfield we managed another drink (never turn down the chance of a brew) before departing in the last group at 12.30.  This last group, due to the vast numbers attending and the timings slipping slightly, contained everybody who was left on the airfield (estimated 1500 bikes).  We did get parted just prior to the start but managed to regroup.  Having a large Royal Engineers flag flying from my bike helped and acted as a marker for us all keep together.  The ride this year was back to its original route which took us through Royal Wooten Bassett (RWB).  Again the locals came out in strength to show support and clap us along the way.  Banners were flying and people of all ages cheering and high fiving.  This did cause the odd bike to do a bit of a wobble in front of us.  The end of the ride took us into the RWB Academy where music, food and merchandise stalls were all at hand.  After a quick walk round and an appreciation of the size of the queue for food, Noel and Ann very kindly offered us a brew and cake back at their house just 10 minutes away, and 10 of us accepted the offer.  A big ‘thank you’ to Ann who supplied us with, what everyone agreed, was the best carrot cake and banana cake we had ever eaten.  All in all it was a great day out for a very worthy cause, with friends old and new.  I am already looking forward to next year.’  I haven’t had any feedback from Nigel about the 3 Country Inn camping, but I expect it was good as usual.  I know he was expecting quite a few members to attend.

Now, if you get this journal early, don’t forget Paul Bateman’s run on 28th June.  Meet at Newlands Corner for a departure at 10.30 for a run to Kent. 


The Hogroast, a non BMW event is being held in Andover on the first weekend of the month.  I have never been, but I know it is very popular and details are on the website.  We have Nick and Sarah’s camping weekend 10th to 12th but please contact Nick on 07775 702265 to book your place.  This is always a great weekend in a lovely part of the country.  You can even talk to the resident Alpacas.  As Jack’s fish and chip shop in Bagshot is still open (there were rumours it was going to close) we will be meeting there at 18.00hrs for dinner on 15th July.  We were expecting to have our archery day again on 18th, but unfortunately, there is a problem with the venue and we are now trying to find another suitable date. I will update you when I know more.  Also, due to Chippy going on a well-earned holiday, the Clay Pigeon shoot on 26th is off for this year.  Hopefully this event will be re-instated next year.


On 9th, if you want to go on Nick’s run, meet at 10.00hrs at Bahnstormer, Alton for a run to Woodhenge and Amesbury.  The aim is to be back at Alton at 16.00hrs.  On 16th, there is a choice.  The Popham Mega Meet is on at Popham Airfield, and there is the Brackley Motorcycle festival.  All details on website as usual.  Erica is going to Shoreham Airfield to see the Avro Vulcan.  If you fancy joining her, contact her for details.  I know she has already bought her ticket!  Now, I hope I do not have to remind you about the last weekend of August and Our National.  Jim Lepley has told us that bookings are going really well, so please come along and support us.   It is a lot of work to run this event, so we really want it to be a success. 


This month is looking quite quiet.  I think we are all expecting that we are going to need a long rest after the National weekend!!  The only listed event is Dave Wright’s Forge Day on 27th.   This is always a really interesting day so if you want to come along ring Dave on 01428 684902.

Now looking even further forward, we have booked a venue for our Christmas Dinner.  It will be at The North Hants Golf Club in Fleet on Saturday 5th December.  It is very close to Fleet Station, and there is a Premier Inn really close and a Travel Lodge a little bit further away.  I know Chris Tite has already booked his room at the Premier Inn for £35.00.  Please keep the date free, and there will be more details to follow.

Well, I think that is enough waffle from me for now.  Have fun and stay safe.


Southern Section News - June 2015

posted 25 May 2015, 12:13 by Section Webmaster

I think summer is nearly here!!  Well, at least the sun has been shining and not a lot of rain in our part of the world.  Apart from the AGM, we only had one event in April.  I have not had any feedback about the Shoreham breakfast meet, and it was much too early a start for me to attend.  The AGM was interesting, but a bit drawn-out, and I expect there will be a full write up elsewhere in the Journal.  The best bit was the ‘Chippy Carpenter presentation’ about the National Rally, it really woke everyone up.  Anyway, on to the coming months:


On 7th Peter Dunn is leading a 3 counties back road run through Berks, Wilts and Oxfordshire.  Start time is 09.30hrs at Newbury Wharf, and the lunch stop will be in Marlborough.  The Vintage Register Welsh Rally is being held on 11th to 14th June, so this is a must for you if you like the old bikes.  Chichester College is holding their 5th Annual Bike Show on 21st.  Entry is free, and parking is free for bikes.  They ask for donations, which go to the Sussex Air Ambulance.  On 28th Paul Bateman is leading a run to Kent which starts at Newlands Corner.  I am not sure of the actual time, as it shows both 09.30hrs and 10.30hrs on the website.  I will make sure the actual time is confirmed before next month.


We have the Hogroast at Andover 3rdto 5th, and although this is not a BMW organised event, many of our members attend.  Nick and Sarah have their annual New Forest camping weekend 10th to 12th.  Please contact them to book, as numbers are limited.  Nick’s number is 07775 702265.  We are hoping to have a Clay Pigeon shoot on 26th, but the details of this are still pending. 


Nick Tucker is going to lead a run on 9th, but he has yet to let us know where he is going to take everyone!  I expect it to be good, as Nick always finds an interesting destination.  If you have been reading our National Social Secretary’s column, you will know that there is a BMW day at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon in Warwickshire on 16th.  Jim will be there to welcome everyone.  The same weekend is the Popham Mega Meet.  Erica is doing a run to the Shoreham Air Show, but she has still decide which day, either 22nd or 23rd.  This will depend on which planes are flying on each day.  Now, THE NATIONAL.  The Bank Holiday is the last weekend in August and it is going to be great!!  We have a lot of volunteers, but any help will be greatfully received.  Talk to Chippy if you want to help, he is on

Well, that is it for now.  Have a great month and happy riding.

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